Emirati lawyer pays AED 40,000 of outstanding rent on behalf of a tenant

09 September 2020

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An Emirati lawyer took care of a tenant in paying her rental arrears of AED 40,000, after she cried out her agony at the tele litigation held by the Dubai Rental Disputes Center. The lawyer sympathized with the tenant's humanitarian situation, which prevented her from being able to pay the amount she owed to.

Covid-19 consequences

Hassan Ali Madani, one of the judges at the Rental Disputes Center, said that the delay in paying rental amount results in some judicial disputes, usually due to humanitarian conditions, pointing out that the circumstances resulting from the new Corona virus had caused some of the tenant to financial issues falling out of their will.

He said that while a few going through a situation having humanitarian aspects such as this would conversely reflect in a humanitarian story that took place in one of the RDC's virtual hearing sessions.

Rental case

Briefing the incident above, Judge Madani explained that he was hearing a rental case concerning a lady defendant - tenant’s failure to pay rent dues for a residential unit. The litigants present in session were moved by the woman's agonizing cry in the hearing. She informed the judicial committee that she was unable to pay the amount due to her owing to the aftermath left by the Coronavirus.

"As a result of this situation, one of the lawyers present for the hearing approached the judicial committee that was hearing the case, and expressed the Judge of his desire to ensure the payment of the full rent arrears accumulated on the tenant, in view of the humanitarian situation she was in, and her inability to pay the amount, although she was not his client, and had no direct connection”, he continued.

The Judge emphasized that a moment graced by humanitarian response such as this continues to prove that goodness exists in the blessed land of this country, pointing out that the lawyer asked him to not mention his name. Persuaded by the humanitarian position gone through by the tenant, we learn the values of giving that exist in the land of the UAE and in the hearts of its people.

  • The delay in paying rental amount results in some judicial disputes, usually due to humanitarian conditions.