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The Real Estate Development Handbook, is prepared in co-operation with more than 23 governmental and non-governmental entities that provides services related to the real estate development.
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The real estate development in the Emirate of Dubai is one of the leading pillars in the real estate
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Find the list of all Licensing Authorities and Entities which are involved in the process
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This Handbook describes the stages of development and licensing services provided
Real Estate Development Cycle

Following are the stages of Real Estate Development process in the Emirate of Dubai.You will find all the services provided by all Licensing Authorities to the real estate developer. This includes an explanation of the service, the required documents for the completion of each service, time required to complete the service, in addition to the service- channels in each entity and the fees charged for the provided service.

Pre Development
Pre Development

The pre-development stage of a business activity includes the issuance of a trade license by the real estate developer to practice the real estate development activity.

Real Estate Development
Real Estate Development
The stage of the development is divided into three sub-phases; each of which includes a series of services to be completed by the developer. These steps are summarized in three phases.
Post-Real Estate Development
Post-Real Estate Development
This stage is concerned with services that is required by the real estate developer after finishing the project and obtaining the project’s completion certificate from the licensing authority.
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We have listed down multiple services which you might require during the development process.
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