Dubai Land Department works through the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as he said: “Providing excellent services to customers mean building genuine partnerships with them. As it is one of the objectives of which we are keen to achieve and excel in. The government is committed to its customers by providing fast and excellent services, and we will not be satisfied with what has been achieved so far in the field of customer service, but we will provide even better services and faster than now”. Consistent with the vision of the department: (To be the global leading real estate environment to attract investments), Partnerships has been a successful field in DLD at its local and regional levels and exceeded the limits to international real estate leading organization. With the Dubai Land Department interface, you will be able to identify our partners, and easily communication with us through applying the forms online for a partnership or communication with the department. We are pleased to communicate with any departments particularly through our email address : partnership@dubailand.gov.ae

This category includes partners in the government and private sector in the United Arab Emirates. These are mostly strategic partners, as they are working with DLD with a plan to achieve a goal or to provide services.
This category includes partners in the real estate sector as they are relevant stakeholders to develop Dubai's real estate market through projects, which are identified by the department
This category includes international organizations as the primary objective is to represent the real estate system's of the Government of Dubai on an international level through partnerships and memberships. Also to exchange knowledge and experience with global best practices.
This category includes partners that are associated with a direct link, procedures and services with the department