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DLD completes 1.4 million digital services in 2020
24 February 2021


Dubai, UAE, 24 February 2021: Dubai Land Department (DLD) completed over 1.4 million digital services for its customers during 2020 through its smart channels, including its website and the Dubai REST app. This is part of the digital transformation process DLD is pursuing to support the Smart Dubai vision in line with the objectives of the Dubai Paperless Strategy. It also comes as part of its efforts to establish a culture of creativity and innovation at DLD and provide innovative and creative services.

HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, commented: “DLD seeks to position Dubai as the world's premier real estate destination and a byword for innovation, trust, and happiness. Based on this vision, we continue to provide and enhance our innovative and smart services that keep pace with the latest global systems, consolidating the culture of innovation and digital transformation, which in turn is reflected in the transparency of procedures provided to customers. This constitutes a fundamental pillar for the development of the real estate sector and the provision of a safe, healthy and supportive environment for Dubai’s real estate sector.”

Khalifa Al Zeraim Al Suwaidi, CEO of Emirates Real Estate Solutions (ERES), said: “The data on the number of digital services in 2020 reflects the vital role played by DLD, through ERES, in developing its services and providing them in advanced electronic templates. This contributes to the implementation of all transactions in an efficient, fast and accurate manner that saves customers’ time and effort. In 2021, we will continue working on strengthening DLD’s services and promoting the adoption of artificial intelligence as one of the most prominent trends in supporting DLD’s journey towards a fully digital transformation.”

Registration and renewal of Ejari contracts topped the list of digital services in 2020 with 393,174 services provided, followed by real estate project status enquiries (284,641), rental index (152,909), Ejari cancellations (96,885), title deed verifications (84,491), service charge index (75,338), searches for licenced real estate brokers (50,099), property status enquiries (26,778), land status enquiries (23,745), requests for a map (23,660), requests for completion of deferred procedures (19,087), requests to register and renew property management contracts (18,139), requests for sale registrations (17,960), case tracking (10,778), and requests for disputed lawsuits – amicable settlements (10,441).

The list of top digital services in 2020 also included requests for execution proceedings, rental good conduct certificates, validating e-cards, requests to receive a payment from the project's escrow account, requests to register a real estate valuation company data, requests for certificates of owned properties (to whom it may concern), searches for approved property management companies, requests for real estate courses, requests to register initial sales, requests to cancel initial sales, requests for approval of service charges, requests for real estate permits, requests for cancellations of property management contracts, sale registration applications associated with initial mortgages, and requests for first-instance lawsuits, among other services.

On the other hand, DLD’s data shows that the top 10 services on Dubai REST were:

  1. Real Estate Project Status Enquiry (Mashrooi): display real-time information on project completion rates, project details, and project inspection reports
  2. Rental Index
  3. Dashboard: My Property Wallet, Property Details
  4. Real Estate Violation System: Register a Real Estate Complaint
  5. Real Estate Transactions
  6. Broker data and details
  7. Title Deed Verification
  8. Transactions: Request for a Map, Request for a Certificate of Owned Property (To Whom It May Concern), Ejari services, service charge payment
  9. Stakeholder inquiries (Management companies, valuation companies)
  10. Track Your Case by the Rental Disputes Center

DLD is participating in the UAE Innovates 2021 week held from 21 – 27 February, whereby it is highlighting a number of its digital and innovative projects and services under the slogan ‘We Innovate for a New Reality.’ DLD also encourages customers to apply for any service digitally through its website or the Dubai REST app on the App Store and Google Play.