RVS - Violation Complaint

This service allows customers to register complaints on real estate violations and report annoying calls they receive from brokers and real estate companies in order to control real estate violations and negative practices, implement laws, and provide a real estate environment that guarantees the rights of all parties.


Attach supporting documents and prove the violation of real estate activities, violating real estate advertisements, and negative practices

Contractual disputes, requests to cancel a contract, refund paid amounts, and requests for compensation for lack of jurisdiction are not considered. You need to visit the judicial authorities to preserve the rights of all parties
Rental complaints are not considered due to a lack of jurisdiction; you will have to visit the Rental Disputes Center
Disputes or complaints will not be considered for contracts that had concluded six or more months prior.


Via the website or app
Step 1: Visit the website or application and choose the type of complaint
Step 2: Enter the required data from the supporting documents and press submit
Step 3: The complaint is discussed with the real estate company and action is taken within five working days
Step 4: Customer is responded to via call or text


Dubai Land Department's website
Dubai REST app

Notifications via text messages and emails

Five working days