Real estate violations complaints

This service allows a customer to report complaints for real estate violations and report cold calls received from brokers and real estate companies in order to control real estate violations and negative practices, implement laws and provide a real estate environment guaranteeing the rights of all parties.


Attach supporting documents and prove the violation of real estate activities, violating real estate advertisements, and negative practices

Complaints, contractual disputes, applications for contract revocation, refunding the amounts paid, and applications for indemnity for lack of jurisdiction are not considered. Judicial bodies must be reviewed to preserve the rights of all parties.
Rental complaints are not considered due to lack of jurisdiction, and the Rental Disputes Settlement Center must be reviewed.
Disputes or complaints of contracts concluded for more than six months are not considered.


Via the website or App
Step I: Log in to the website or the App and select the complaint type
Step II: Entering the the required data and supporting documents and click submit
Step III: Following up on resolving the complaint with the real estate company and taking action within 5 business days Responding to the customer via call or SMS.


1)Land Department website
2)Dubai REST App

Notice via SMS and e-mail

5 business days