Request to register employees with professional competency in managing jointly-owned properties

This service allows customers to register employees with professional competence in managing jointly-owned properties.

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

Fill out the required data through Mollak system and upload the following documents:

For Owner Affairs Manager, Owner Affairs Executive, and Owner Affairs Coordinator:
1- Personal photo

For Account Supervisor, Senior Accountant and Accountant:
1- Personal photo

For Facilities Manager, Facilities Supervisor, and Quality Control officer:
1- Personal photo

For Compliance Officer:
1- Personal photo

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

This service is free

Service Procedures

Through the electronic system:
Step 1: Register and create an account in Mollak system (if the customer does not have a pre-existing account) or log-in to the system and choose the service
Step 2: Fill in the data, attach the required documents, and send the application electronically
Step 3: The request is verified, and a notification of approval or rejection will be sent through the system
Step 4: Receive a notification on approval via e-mail
Step 5: Data will then be displayed on Mollak system and the e-registration card

Payment Method

Not Applicable

Service Channels

Mollak system

Issued Documents

Not Applicable
Data is displayed through Mollak system and e-registration card

Service Time

5 minutes

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