Grant Completion Application

This service allows applying for completion of a grant for a land plot granted to persons or entities by His Highness the Ruler or his representative based on the grant map issued by Dubai Municipality after His Highness the Ruler’s approval on the granted land plot.


1- A map of the grant land plot from the municipality
2- UAE ID of the owner
3- A copy of the Decree of Distribution (in case of a deceased owner)
3- Trade license and Memorandum of Association (if the grant is for entities)
4- An entity’s letter (for government entities)

Validity of the grant map from Dubai Municipality should not exceed two years from date of issuance

AED 500 fee for processing the grant
AED 100 fee for a land plot map for the lands outside jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality
AED 225 fee for the land plot map unified with Dubai Municipality.
AED 10 knowledge fee for each drawing
AED 10 innovation fee for each drawing

Via a service center
Step I: A customer will move to the Customer Happiness Centerat the Land Department - the main building
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents to an employee, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction data will be entered into the system by a front line employee
Step IV: The transaction will be audited and approved
Step V: A link for the title deed and the map will be sent via e-mail to the customer

• Cash
• Check
• Credit card
• E pay

Land Department - Main office

• e-Certificate of Title / Title deed

25 minutes

• Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
• Dubai Health
• Dubai Police

UAE Citizen