Request for Valuation of Property Lease

This service allows customers to request the valuation of rent for a real estate unit.


Ejari Website:
1- Property photos
2- Dubai municipality drawings

Dubai REST (Legal representative):
1- Property photos
2- Power of attorney
3- Inheritors to provide an authorization letter from court for applicants
4- Inheritors to provide copies of the national identities and passports for all the heirs

Dubai REST (Tenant):
1- Property photos
2- Enter the number of the tenancy contract information registration certificate

Dubai REST (Owner):
1- Property photos

Dubai REST (Management company):
1- Property photos
2- Dubai Municipality drawings

1- Be a tenant or a representative of the property with a Power of Attorney
2- Be the owner of the property or a representative with a Power of Attorney

AED 2,000 per unit up to AED 10,000 maximum
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee

Via Dubai REST App and Ejari System

Step 1: Select your properties for rental valuation
Step 2: Add missing information of the selected properties
Step 3: Upload Documents
Step 4: Accept Terms and conditions and submit the request
Step 5: Make payment after request approval
Step 6: Receive Rental Valuation certificate

Debit or credit card

Dubai Land Department's website (Ejari system)

Dubai REST

Rental Valuation Certificate

7 working days