Request for Termination of Initial Registration

This service allows the developer to apply to terminate the initial registration of investors who have breached their contractual obligations by to not paying their due installments under the off-plan sale contract.

Not Applicable

Stage 1: (obtaining a notice to terminate the registration of the initial sale):
1- Attach a copy of the pages of the real estate sale contract, which contains the seller's and buyer's details, property details and the agreed payment schedule
2- Attach the real estate developer’s warning copy
3- Attach a copy of the advance notice to the real estate developer
4- Attach a copy of the proof of the buyer's receipt to the real estate developer’s notice
5- Individuals: a copy of the passport or Emirates ID
6- Companies: A copy of the commercial license with a copy of the valid passport of the authorized signatory. The license must show the name of the authorized signatory.
7- Technical report for the villa: in case the property to be canceled is a villa
For units: A technical report for the building that contains the unit if the project contains more than one building
8 - A copy of the real estate developer’s notification to the buyer on the ude installment payment prior to the date of the issuance of the final warning, in case it is related to the completion rates or project delivery
9 - Attach a receipt proving payment of registration fees in the event that the investor pays more than 40% of the contract value

Stage 2: (Complete the Initial Cancellation Request)
1- Attach a copy of the cancellation notice issued by the Legal Affairs Department
2- Attach a copy of the notification consignment according to the addresses listed in the sale and purchase contract or reservation form if the contract is not available
3- Attach a copy of the notification to the buyer
Note: In the event that the notification is not received at the addresses listed in the contract, the announcement shall be made through the official newspapers
4- Attach a copy of the announcement in one of the official newspapers in Arabic and English
5- A copy of the no-objection letter from the publication issued by the Legal Affairs Department

The Request for Termination of Initial Registration service requires:
1- The sale must have taken place before the project was completed.
2- The customer must have received or refused to receive the developer’s warning for a period of no less than a month and has not made the payment.
3- The amount claimed in the developer’s notice must be identical to the amount stated in Dubai Land Department’s notice.
4- The developer’s warning must not include any fines, real estate registration fees, service fees, or any administrative fees or other claims other than financial payments due to the investor as a price for the real estate unit to be canceled.
5- If there is any refundable amount according to Law No. 13 of 2008, a manager’s check must be deposited in Dubai Land Department's account through the Legal Support Department and attach a copy of it in the procedure or what DLD deems appropriate.
6- In the event that the real estate unit numbers to be canceled are changed, evidence of the approval of the new numbers from the official or competent authorities must be attached, as well as evidence of the investor being informed of the change in his/her unit.

Note: It is permissible to deliver the developer’s warning, or notify Dubai Land Department in person or by addresses listed in the contract.

AED 600
AED 10 Knowledge Fee
AED 10 Innovation Fee

Via the electronic system
Step 1: Register and create an account in Oqood Portal (if the customer is not already registered) or login through the portal and choose the service
Step 2: Fill in the data and attach the required documents
Step 3: Pay the fees and send the application electronically
Step 4: The specialized employee receives and verifies the request
Step 5: The request is approved/declined and forwarded to the developer
Step 6: If the request is approved or declined, an email will be sent to all concerned parties


Dubai Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal -Oqood)

Document verifying the procedures

8 hours and 30 minutes