Settlements Application

This service allows a developer to approve implementation of the amicable settlement agreement between a developer and an investor, whether on real estate units or land plots, through which deregistration, merger, or transfer a real estate unit or land to another to be made.

6 forms (for settlement agreement)

1- The reservation (booking) form or the sale contract indicating the signature of the parties
2- (deregistration case form or transfer or merger case form) signed by a developer and investor
3- An undertaking from the developer indicating the validity of the signatures and documents in case of settlement of the unit
4- in case of a settlement on land, an undertaking indicating not to grant building permits and free of construction must be attached
5- A copy of the settlement agreement in Arabic language or a certified translation, sealed and signed by all parties

(for individuals)
6- A copy of the UAE ID or a valid passport

(for companies)
7- A copy of the trade license and Memorandum of Association indicating the authorized signatory manager
Attaching a copy of a valid passport or a copy of the UAE ID of the signatory manager

(for a company registered in the free zone)
8- A resolution of authorization to sign by the Board of Directors, certified by the free zone

In case that availability of an attorney
9- If an agreement is signed by an attorney, a copy of the power of attorney and a copy of the valid passport or UAE ID of the attorney shall be attached.

10- Attaching a receipt for payment of the Provisional registration fees for the following cases:
- In case of transferring to the same purchaser, a payment receipt of the registration fees for the new unit
- In case that the purchaser is different person, a payment receipt of the fees for both the deregistred and the transfered units shall be attached
- In case of deregistration without transferring, a payment receipt of the unit registration fee to be deregistred
Note: The attachment of the fee payment receipt is excluded in case a project is deregistered

 The application for service of implementation of a real estate settlement requires:
1- The real estate project must be registered at the Real Estate Regulatory Agency
2- The unit or land must be registered in the records of the Land Department
3- in case of a settlement on land, there must not be a real estate project on it

AED 3,000
AED 10 knowledge fee
AED 10 innovation fee

via the online system
Step I: Registering on Oqood portal and creating an account (if the customer signs up for the first time), or log in Oqood portal and selecting the service
Step II: Paying the fees and sending the application on-line
Step III: Receiving and reviewing the application by a competent employee
Step IV: Approval/rejection of the application and re-sending to the developer
Step V:In the event that the application is approved, an email will be sent to the parties

Noqodi Wallet

The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood)


7 hours 30 minutes


• UAE Citizen
• Resident
• Tourist