Request for Renewal of a Real Estate Activity Practice Card

This service allows customers to apply for card renewal for the following real estate professions:
Real Estate Broker
National Broker
Marketing Real Estate Projects card
Mortgage Broker
Registration Trustee
Self- owned Property Management
Real Estate Management Supervision
Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy
Buying and Selling of Self- owned Property card
Real Estate Services Trustee
Trainee Valuator

Not Applicable

1- Copy of the Emirates ID
2- Copy of a valid passport with the dossier for UAE nationals
3- Residence permits for non-UAE nationals.

All those working in the sales field must be registered and have a card issued to them

Broker card: AED 500
National broker card: AED 500
Real Estate Consultancy card: AED 500
Mortgage broker card: AED 500
Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy: AED 500
Self- owned Property Management card: AED 500
Buying and Selling of Self- owned Property card: AED 500
Registration trustee card: AED 500
Service trustee card: AED 500
Trainee valuator card: AED 500
Real estate valuator card: AED 5,000
AED 10 Knowledge Fee
AED 10 Innovation Fee

Through the electronic system:
Step 1: Register and create an account in Trakheesi system (if the customer does not have a pre-existing account) or log in to the system and choose the service
Step 2: Fill in the data, attach the required documents, and send the application electronically (the request will be approved automatically)
Step 3: Enter the system, select a payment method, and pay the fees electronically
Step 4: The print card feature will be available

Debit or Credit Cards

Dubai Land Department's website (Trakheesi System)
Dubai Rest Application

Electronic Card

Automatic approval