Request for Registration of a Real Estate Project


This service allows real estate development companies to register a real estate project, open an escrow account, and approve the units to sell them off-plan.

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

1- A copy of the land ownership
2- A project development contract (in case the owner of the land differs from the developer of the project) and the foundation contracts for the developer and the owner's company, and a copy of the Emirates ID card for those authorized to sign.
3- A no-objection letter from the main developer (in the name of the project, sales and marketing)
4- Bank guarantee 20% of the construction value
5- Final building permits
6- Appointing a surveying company approved by Dubai Land Department to upload building and unit data.

Service Terms

1- The land must be within freehold areas or long-term leasehold areas
2- In the absence of a 20% bank guarantee, the following is required:
A- Deposit the value in cash with DLD
B- A technical report of the actual completion percentage, and in the event that the completion percentage is less than 20%, the difference is deposited in the escrow account in cash
3- A no objection letter from the bank in case the land is mortgaged
4- For the approval to download the units, the approved plans for the real estate project must be attached by the planning authorities approved in the Emirate of Dubai.

Service Fees

AED 150,000
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Service Procedures

Step 1: A meeting is held with the developer to discuss the project details, clarify the procedures and requirements for registering a new project, and clarify the project financing mechanism
Step 2: Submit a real estate project registration application through the developers' self-registration system or attach all project registration requirements
Step 3: checking and reviewing the application for registration of a new project by the staff of the developer registration department
Step 4: When all the registration requirements are met, the application is accepted, and then the application is transferred to pay the registration fee. If the registration requirements are not met, the application is rejected and returned to the developer for completion according to the notes sent by the employees in the developer registration department
Step 5: After paying the registration fee for a real estate project, the application is transferred to the account trustee to open the escrow account, and then the application is transferred to the survey department to load the units
Step 6: A real estate project approval certificate is printed from the Oqood system after completing the project registration procedure.

Payment Method

Manager Cheque

Service Channels

Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal

Issued Documents

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval (electronic)

Service Time

Developers Registration: 30 minutes
Survey: 7 days

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