Request for Registration of a Real Estate Project

This service allows real estate development companies to register a real estate project, open an escrow account, and approve the units to sell them off-plan.

Not Applicable

1- A project development contract (in case the owner of the land differs from the developer of the project) and the foundation contracts for the developer and the owner's company
2- In case of project development contract, Copy of the Emirates ID card for those authorized to sign.
3- A no-objection letter from the main developer (in the name of the project, sales and marketing)
4- Bank guarantee 50% of the construction value
5- Final building permits

1- The land must be within freehold areas or long-term leasehold areas
2- In the absence of a 20% bank guarantee, the following is required:
A- Deposit the value in Dubai Land Department's account via bank transfer
B- A technical report of the actual completion percentage, and in the event that the completion percentage is less than 20%, the difference is deposited in Dubai Land Department's account via bank transfer
3- A no objection letter from the bank in case the land is mortgaged
4- For the approval to download the units, the approved plans for the real estate project must be attached by the planning authorities approved in the Emirate of Dubai.
5- Completion of developer registration procedures in Trakheesi system

AED 150,000
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Step 1: Issue a real estate licence from the licensing authority and acquire a username for the self-registration system
Step 2: Submit a real estate project registration request with its requirements through the developers' self-registration system in the Oqood portal.
Step 3: Audit and review the application for registering a new project and accept or reject the application
Step 4: Accept the application, and allow the developer to download the units through a surveying company approved by Dubai Land Department
Step 5: The developer submits a request to the registration trustee to open the account and fill in the account data.
Step 6: Pay the registration fees.
Step 7: Receive the certificate through the electronic system


Dubai Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal -Oqood) TAS System

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval (electronic)

Project Registration 30 Minutes
Survey: 7 days