Offer and deposit application

This service allows a customer to submit an application to a judge of provisional matters, to issue an order without prejudice to the rights, or an application to deposit a new tenancy contract, checks, and property keys.

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1- List of offer and deposit application
2- Advertisement form for the offer and deposit application
3- A copy of the UAE ID for persons, and in the case of a legal person (company or institution), a copy of the UAE ID of the company manager and the most recent copy of the trade license
4- A copy of the last signed contract + two copies of a new tenancy contract with the same previous conditions
5- A copy of the deposited checks for the new contract
6- A copy of the correspondence between the two parties (if any).
Note: In case that a rent for a previously deposited period as per checks, the previous checks must be transferred into cash amounts.

1- their notice of the deposit to the owner (Via the notary public, registered mail with declaration of receipt, or e-mail).
2- Any documents proving the lessor’s refusal to receive the rent, for example (a notice of evacuation addressed to the deposit applicant, or correspondence proving the lessor’s refusal to receive the rent, or anything proves the existence of a current judicial dispute, or a warning from the lessee (tenant) to the lessor in which it presents the rent during a period that has elapsed and the lessor has received the notice
3- The original checks required to be deposited were issued by the lessee (tenant) and bounced to the Center after a served notice
4- In case that the deposit applicant does not receive the notice within ten business days after the deposit, the application will be saved and closed
5- It is not acceptable to deposit a rented key except immediately before the expiry of the lease period, while submitting a proof of clearance of the rent and utility bills, provided that there is a rescinding condition, the acceptance of the lessor, or a judgement issued for evacuation.
6- The deposit is accepted from the lessee (tenant), their legal attorney or a relative up to a fourth-degree.
All documents submitted must be in Arabic language or legally translated, and to be archived and posted at the Rental Disputes Center page https://rdc.dubailand.gov.ae according to the divisions contained in the system, as no hard copy document will be received.

Offer and deposit fee of 50 AED
10 AED knowledge fees
10 AED innovation fees
The rental value is handed over to the owner in the event of signing a new contract or refunded to the lessee (tenant) in the event of revocation of the application. (Checks - cash amount)

In the event that the application is submitted to the Real Estate Services Registrar’ centers
Service partners fees of 130 AED + value added tax for service partners fees to be added

Via Real Estate Services Trustee
Step I: A customer will move to a service center (Real Estate Services Trustee)
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents to an employee, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction data will be entered by an employee of the concerned authority via e-mail
Step IV: A customer pays the fee by bank deposition, then visiting the service center and handing over the receipt, so that the receipt will be re-sent via the e-mail approved by the employee of the concerned authority.
Step V: Deposition of checks or deposition of the key at the Rental Disputes Center
Via the website
Step I: Signing up and creating an account (if the customer signs up for the first time) or logging into the system and selecting the service
Step II: Submission of documents
Step III: E-pay the service fees
Step IV: Receiving a judge resolution from the website

Noqodi Wallet
Credit card

1)The website of the Land Department
2)Real Estate Services Trustee Centers

Tenancy contract
or rent value (checks - cash)
or rented property keys

Duration of registration completion: 10 minutes
Service completion period: Business day


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  • Resident
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