Grievance Case

This service allows a customer to file a grievance case within (8) days from the issuance of a resolution against which a grievance to be filed.

No Form

1- A copy of the aggrieved against resolution (the resolution of the provisional matters judge - the resolution of the execution judge)
2- List of grievance case application, which includes the grounds.

All documents submitted must be in Arabic language or legally translated.

AED 100 fee for advertisement
AED 25 fee for power of attorney registration, if any,
AED 10 knowledge fees
AED 10 innovation fees
In case that the application is submitted to the Real Estate Services trustee Centers
Service partners fees of AED 130 + value added tax for service partners fees to be added

Via Real Estate Services Trustee
Step I: A customer will move to a service center (Real Estate Services Trustee)
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents to an employee, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction details will be entered into the system by an employee and shall be audited and approved
Step IV: A customer pays the fee by bank deposit, then visits the service center and hands over the receipt, so that the receipt will be re-sent via the e-mail approved by the employee of the concerned authority.
Step V: Attending the session via the remote litigation system
Step VI: Receiving a judgement from the website
Via the approved e-mail
Step I: Registration of a grievance case via the approved e-mail
Step II: Uploading the required documents via the approved e-mail
Step III: Payment of the fees by bank deposit, then sending the receipt via the approved e-mail
Step IV: Attending the session via the remote litigation system
Step V: Receiving a judgement from the website

Bank deposit

Certified email
Real Estate Services Trustee Centers

Grievance judgement

Duration of registration completion: 10 minutes
Service completion period: 13 business days


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  • resident
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