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Mollak API Information

Mollak Integration API is designed to integrate & sync various data points between Mollak and management company’s application/middleware. It provides different endpoints to get service charge information, two way data exchange of service charge payment receipts, contact and invoices. Moreover, you can integrate with multiple platforms associated with single company. Below are some of the main API endpoints highlighted. Budget Sync API
Receipt Sync API
Invoice Sync API
Community Tenants API
Owner Sync API
Additional Invoice API
Legal Notice API

In order to integrate with Mollak system, please ensure to comply with the following pre-requisites:
For Software Solutions Provider
  1. Below activities must be present be present in the trade license.
    1. Computer Systems & Communication Equipment
    2. Computer Systems & Communication Equipment Software Design
    3. Internet Content Provider
    4. Information Technology Network Services
    5. Information Technology Consultants
  2. Accounting software must be an Accredited Software Vendor by Federal Tax Authority.
    You need to be associated with one of the Jointly Owned Property management company to complete the integration.
    Local office presence with valid Dubai Trade license issued by one of licensing authority.
  3. وجود مكتب محلي برخصة دبي التجارية سارية المفعول صادرة عن إحدى سلطات الترخيص.
For JOP Management Company
  1. You must be a registered and active JOP management company in Mollak system.
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