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Dubai Land Department, Dubai Development Authority strengthen cooperation to fulfil strategic objective of the emirate
14 July 2023

Dubai, UAE, 14 July 2023: Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Dubai Development Authority have recently entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two organisations. The primary goal of this agreement is to align their efforts towards realising Dubai's vision and strategy and promote the public interest. By expanding the range of collaborative initiatives, both parties aim to contribute to the growth and stability of the real estate sector in Dubai.

Majid Al Marri, CEO of the Real Estate Registration sector at DLD, and Bader Al Gergawi, Deputy Director General of Urban Planning and Development at the Dubai Development Authority, witnessed the signing of the MoU. Both parties have agreed to establish a robust information exchange system to seamlessly integrate their respective technologies to benefit customers. This integration will encompass the sharing of plot data, including developer and owner information, the exchange of location map documents, and the sharing of details from the building completion certificate. The MoU further emphasises the importance of collaboration to successfully implement key Dubai government initiatives, such as the Unified Location Map.

Majid Al Marri emphasised the importance of enhancing bilateral cooperation frameworks with partners, highlighting its importance in realising the Emirate's strategic visions. This commitment aligns with the wise leadership’s directives, notably His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai. Recently, His Highness announced the Dubai Economic Agenda D33, a comprehensive initiative to further solidify Dubai's position among the world's top three economic cities.

Al Marri added: “The signing of the new MoU with the Dubai Development Authority reflects the significant role played by the real estate sector in Dubai. As a major pillar supporting various industries and a key contributor to the emirate's GDP, it is crucial to collaborate with our partners from both the public and private sectors. This collaboration aims to maximise the sector's impact in supporting the future direction of the emirate and achieving the goals outlined in Dubai's economic agenda D33. Additionally, we focus on enhancing the customer experience and delivering proactive services that foster increased confidence in the real estate sector.”

Badr Al Gergawi said: “This memorandum aligns with our strategy, which seeks to foster ongoing cooperation and coordination with other government entities. The primary objective is to streamline and simplify procedures, promoting best practices in collaborative government efforts. By developing joint applications, we aim to establish a platform for efficient data exchange and ensure accuracy. This endeavour will lead to improved services and proactive measures that benefit customers in the real estate sector, ultimately enhancing the emirate’s competitiveness."

Al Gergawi added: “The cooperation between the entities will play a crucial role in solidifying Dubai's position in the global economy. The primary objective is to enhance the leadership of government services, thereby supporting the ongoing efforts to realise the 360 services policy. The Dubai Development Authority is actively working towards enhancing its services to align with the policy's requirements, emphasising the importance of introduction and continuous improvement. Through this collaborative effort, integrated and seamless services will be provided to customers, facilitated by the interlinking of data and applications between the two parties.”

The Dubai Development Authority and Dubai Land Department teams will collaboratively assess, validate, and enhance APIs based on their respective areas of responsibility. Additionally, they will offer IT technical support for the APIs shared between both parties and facilitate the requirements transition. This includes preparing and exchanging existing data before implementation, as outlined in the memorandum of understanding.

DLD is committed to furthering government integration and fostering partnerships with the private sector in alignment with its strategic vision. This vision entails attaining global leadership in real estate investment and empowering the community by delivering seamless and proactive services, robust legislation, and integrated data. Achieving these goals is made possible through effective collaborations, pioneering digital infrastructure, and a skilled workforce, ensuring enhanced preparedness and sustainability of the sector. Furthermore, it emphasises the importance of effective governance, leveraging technology to innovate real estate products, and promoting awareness, confidence, and transparency within the sector.