Request to Rename a Real Estate Project


This service allows completing / transferring / changing project data due to previous registration conditions, so the developer will amend its status with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

Service Form

1- Project name change form
2- Requirements form for changing the project name
3- A contact person's data update form
4- Announcement Form

Required Documents

1- An official letter requesting a change of name with an explanation of the reasons for the change
Fill out the project name change form
Fill out the requirements form for changing the project name
2- No objection to the new name from the main developer of the project
3- A list of the names of the investors attached with a copy of the notice to inform the investors of the change
4- Contact Persons Information Form
5- Project registration form x
6- Undertaking to contract development or without contract
7- Handing over the original approval certificate for a real estate project (previous)
8- Fill out the advertisement form
The developer announces the advertisement in a local official newspaper in two languages ​​(Arabic and foreign) for a period of three days, while providing the administration with the original copies of the advertisement.
9- A copy of the notice to inform the investors.

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

Free Service

Service Procedures

Step 1: A formal request must be submitted with a request to change the name of the project from the developer to provide the requirements according to the approved form
Step 2: Receive an official request to change the name of the project from the developer, accompanied by a no objection to the new name, and provide the requirements for changing the name.
Step 3: Checking the submitted documents and after completing them all, the developer will be provided with advertisement forms according to the approved forms
Step 4: It is announced in the official newspapers for a period of 3 working days and DLD should be provided with copies of the advertisement in PDF, and after 15 days have passed from the third day of the announcement, the amendment procedures will start.
Step 5: The name of the project will be changed in the Tabu system and an approval certificate will be issued after the amendment.
Step 6: A circular to change the name of the project is sent via e-mail according to the approved format attached to the certificate of approval after modification
Step 7: prepare a correction for the project.
Step 8: Update the project data in the list (change - transfer - separate project) in the shared file

Payment Method

Not Applicable

Service Channels

Dubai Land Department – Main Office

Issued Documents

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval

Service Time

Developers Registration: 30 minutes
Survey: 7 days

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