Changing the name of a real estate project application

This service allows completing / transferring / changing project details due to the previous registration conditions, so a developer may modify their status with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

1- An undertaking form to assume obligations
2- Notice form

1- Submitting an official letter indicating the reasons for such change
2- no objection letter (NOC) to the new name from the main developer of the project
3- A copy of a notice of the change addressing the investors
4- Filling in and uploading an undertaking form of assuming the obligations
5- Filling in and uploading a notice form after 15 days have been elapsed from the date of the last notice

1- The status of the project must be active
2- The last two technical reports of work progress of construction work shall be without any notice
3- 15 days shall be elapsed from the date of the last notice to change the name of a project to allow them to submit an application

Free service

Step I: applying via the system indicating the reasons for the change
Step II: Filling in and uploading an undertaking form
Step III: Filling in and uploading the notice form 15 days after the last notice date
Step IV: Auditing, acceptance or rejection of the application
Step IV: Changing the name on the system
Step V: The certificate will be received via the on-line system


The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood) Trust account system

Real estate project approval certificate (e-certificate)

30 minutes

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs