Request to Rename a Real Estate Project

This service allows completing / transferring / changing project data due to previous registration conditions, so the developer will amend its status with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

1- Undertaking form
2- Announcement form

1- An official letter requesting a change of name
2- No objection to the new name from the main developer of the project
3- A copy of the notice to inform the investors.
4- Fil out undertaking form and upload it
5- Fill out an advertisement form and upload it after 15 days from the date of the last advertisement

1- The status of the project should be effective
2- The results of the last two technical reports submitted in the construction works should be without any warnings
3- 15 days should have passed since the date of the last announcement to change the project name in order to allow customers to submit the request.

Free Service

Step 1: Submit an application through the system, explaining the reason for the change.
Step 2: Fill out and upload the pledge form.
Step 3: Download the advertisement and submit it. Note that you can only do this 15 days from the date of the last advertisement.
Step 4: Check the application and accept or reject it.
Step 5: Change the name in the system.
Step 6 : Receive the certificate through the electronic system

Not Applicable

Dubai Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal -Oqood) TAS System

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval (electronic)

30 Minutes