Request to Register & Renew Property Management Contract

This service allows Property Management Companies to register or renew management contracts between owners and real estate management companies, and perform all relevant operations through Ejari System.

Not Applicable

Copy of management contract between the owner and the real estate company

1- The company must be licensed in one of the real estate activities for leasing
2- He must be the owner of the property, or a representative thereof with a Power of Attorney or a signed management contract
3- The company has a registered Ejari system user

Free Service

Via Ejari system:
Step 1: Register and create an account in Ejari system (if the customer is not already registered) or login through the system and choose the service
Step 2: fill in the data, and attach all the required documents
Step 3: send the application electronically
Step 4: An email is sent if the request is approved

Not Applicable

Dubai Land Department's website (Ejari System)

Registered management contract

1 hour and 35 minutes