Request to register / amend real estate project data

This service allows the developer to register or amend the data of the real estate project units, and includes:
Unit space
Unit type
Unit number
Unit's parking space
Unit's storage
The common space of the building, land, and unit
Addition or deletion of units
Sub-division or amalgamation of units.

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

Architectural plan approved by planning authorities

Service Terms

In the event that the property is sold, the developer must obtain the approval of the owner and attach a copy of the amendment approval to the amendments

Service Fees

An unfinished project
Approval fee of AED 120 for each property
AED 250 fee for issuing a map for each property
Completed project
Approval fee of AED 120 for each property
AED 250 property ownership issuance fee
Project amendment fee
Approval fee of AED 120 for each property
AED 250 data amendment fee for each modified property

In the event that the following maps are approved, fees will be paid for each type of map:
AED 250 to approve a map of the common areas of the land
AED 350 for each common map of the building
AED 500 for each building plan
AED 500 for each 3D map of the common parts of the building
AED 1000 per BMS
AED 10 knowledge fee for each fee
AED 10 innovation fee for each fee

Service Procedures

Step 1: The developer designates a survey company
Step 2: The survey company prepares the required data and matches it with the approved plans
Step 3: Pay the application approval fees and the survey company then sends the application to the Survey Department
Step 4: The survey department reviews the application
Step 5: approval / rejection of the application
Step 6: Pay the approval fees in DLD's real estate records
Step 7: Receive the output electronically

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Payment Method


Service Channels

Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal

Issued Documents

In case of Completed project: Title Deed
In case of uncompleted project: Map

Service Time

5 working days