Request to Re-register a Project

This service allows re-registration of the project under the same developer or a new developer after fulfilling all registration requirements and obtaining all approvals and permits from the concerned licensing authorities.

1- Undertaking form
2- Announcement form

1- Judicial Committee decision on the acquisition
2- A no-objection letter issued by the main developer in the name of the project and off-plan sales and marketing
3- Final building permits
4- A pledge to abide by all obligations related to the project
5- Filling out the advertisement form and for the developer to announce the re-registration of the project through the approved newspapers within 3 days
6- A list of the names of the investors attached to a copy of the notice to inform the investors (in case the project is transferred to a new developer.

1- Satisfying all the requirements or conditions of the Judicial Committee
2- Completing the land transfer procedures at the Real Estate Registration Services Department
3- Completing the procedures for registering a developer in the Trakheesi system

AED 150,000
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Step 1: Submit the application to the system according to the committee’s decision.
Step 2: Fill out the pledge and announcement and upload it. Note that you can only do this 15 days from the date of the last announcement.
Step 3: Check the application and review the documents.
Step 4: Accept the application and allow the developer to download the units through a surveying company approved by Dubai Land Department.
Step 5: The developer submits a request to the registration trustee to open an account and fill in the account data.
Step 6: Pay the registration fees.
Step 7: Receive the certificate through the electronic system


Dubai Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal -Oqood) TAS System

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval (electronic)

Re-register a Project 40 Minutes
Survey: 7 days