Request to Cancel Registration of an Escrow Agent/ Audit Firm

This service allows banks and financial institutions to submit a request to cancel the registration of accredited account trustees and audit offices at the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

Not Applicable

Account Trustee
1- A pledge to provide RERA with any required information after cancellation.
2- Undertaking to abide by the terms of the account trustee’s agreement with RERA regarding cancellation.
3- Undertaking to transfer all project escrow accounts' belongings to the transferred account trustee within (3) working days.
4- Undertaking to immediately transfer the deposits collected after the account transfer process to the escrow account with the new account trustee.

Audit Office
1- Submit all remaining financial reports to RERA
2- Undertaking to abide by the terms of the audit office agreement with RERA regarding cancellation.
3- An undertaking to provide RERA with any information required by the institution after cancellation

Account Trustee
Notifying developers of the necessity to transfer project escrow accounts to another account trustee approved by Dubai Land Department within one month from its date.

Audit Office
Not Applicable

Free Service

Step 1: Submit the application through DLD's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood), the escrow account system or via e-mail.
Step 2: RERA studies and audits the application.
Step 3: An electronic cancellation certificate will be issued and sent via emai.l
Step 4: The systems are updated with the cancellation.

Not Applicable

Dubai Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal -Oqood) TAS System

email: Trust@dubailand.gov.ae

Certificate of Cancellation

Waiting time 29 working hours
Serving time 28 working hours