Request to amend property data
Request to amend property data


This service allows the owner to modify property data, and includes:
Property area
Property type
The property number in case it is a villa, building or unit
Property's parking lot
Property's storage space

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

1- A map from the approved planning authorities

In the case of parking lots and storage units
1- A copy of the sales contract
2- No objection letter from the developer

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

For lands:
AED 250 ownership fee
AED 100 map fee
For buildings
AED 250 ownership fee
AED 3,000 map fee
For villas or units
AED 250 ownership fee
AED 250 map fee
If adding a storage or parking lot to the unit
If the parking lot or the additional storage is not part of the sales contract, 4% of the parking lot or storage price is charged in addition to
AED 250 ownership fee
AED 250 map fee

Service Procedures

Step 1: The application is submitted
Step 2: The application is received and reviewed, followed by approval/rejection
Step 3: The customer pays the fees
Step 4: Send it to an audit in the Real Estate Registration Department
Step 5: Approval of the request

Payment Method


Service Channels

Real Estate Services Trustee centres
Dubai Land Department Main Office

Issued Documents

Not Applicable

Service Time

1 working day