Request for Transfer of Finance Lease Contract

This service allows customers to apply to transfer a finance lease with the bank.

Transfer of Finance Lease Contract Form

1- NOC letter from the former financer on the transfer of the finance lease
2- Letter from the new financer on the registration of the finance lease, stating the start and end dates and the lease amount
3- Emirates ID card of the owner (For identification only, no photo is taken)
4- Power of Attorney in case they are appointing someone on their behalf

If the company is not previously registered, it must be registered by applying for the registration of a company

Not Applicable

0.25% of the finance value
AED 250 title deed issuance fee
AED 100 land map issuance fees (AED 250 if a villa or apartment)
AED 10 Knowledge fees added to each fee
AED 10 Innovation fees added to each fee

Registration Trustee fees: AED 4000

Via the service center
Step 1: The customer goes to one of the Real Estate Registration Trustee offices
Step 2: The customer submits the required documents to the employee and makes sure that they are complete (All required documents are uploaded via DLD Document Vault)
Step 3: The transaction data is entered into the system by the employee and is verified
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt for payment
Step 5: The output is delivered to the customer through email

Dubai Pay
Manager Cheque to Dubai Land Department

Real Estate Registration Trustees offices (outside)

Title Deed
Fee Balances

25-30 Minutes