Finance lease release application

This service allows applying for a release of a finance lease with the bank.

Finance lease release e-form

1- A letter from the bank indicating no objection for release of finance lease in Arabic language
2- UAE ID of the owner (for identification proof only, no copy shall be submitted)


AED 1000 fee for finance lease removal
AED 250 fee for issuing a Certificate of Title / Title deed
AED 100 fee for a land plot map for the lands outside the authority of Dubai Municipality
AED 225 fee for the land plot map unified with Dubai Municipality.
AED 250 fee for a villa and apartment
AED 10 knowledge fee for each drawing
AED 10 innovation fee for each drawing

Service partners fees:
A fee of AED 300 + VAT is charged on the service partners’ fees

Via a service center
Step I: A customer will move to a service center - Real Estate Registration Trustee centers
Step II: A customer submits the required documents to an employee to ensure that no documents are missing. (all required documents are uploaded via the digital safe/ treasury)
Step III: The transaction details will be entered into the system by an employee and shall be audited
Step IV: A customer will pay the fees and receive a payment receipt
Step V: The outputs are delivered to the customer via e-mail

Sadad Dubai platform
Manager's check in favor of the Land Department

Real Estate Registration Trustees Centers

Certificate of Title / Title deed
Fee balance (all outputs are e-deliverables)

10 - 15 minutes

Dubai Courts - Dubai Municipality - Licensing Entities

• UAE Citizen
• Resident