Request for Revocation of Power of Attorney
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This service allows customers to revoke a power of attorney issued by them to any person to prevent the attorney from acting based on that power of attorney.

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

1- Copy of the Power of Attorney
2- Copy of the notification of cancellation of the Power of Attorney, issued by the Notary Public
3- Emirates ID Card and Copies of Valid Passports of the principal and attorney.

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

Free Service

Service Procedures

Via the service centre:
Step 1: The customer visits the Customer Happiness Centre in Dubai Land Department - Main Office
Step 2: the customer submits the required documents to the employee and makes sure that they are complete
Step 3: the transaction data is entered into the system by the employee, and is verified and approved

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Payment Method

Not Applicable

Service Channels

Dubai Land Department - main office

Issued Documents

Not Applicable

Service Time

20 minutes

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