Request for Registration of a Property Sold in an Auction

This service allows customers (Seller and Buyer) and authorized companies to register sales in Dubai Land Department and issue a title deed to the new owner for a property sold in an outside auction.

Not Applicable

1- Electronic copy of Emirates ID for Buyer and Seller or Valid Passport for non-residents
2- Letter from the official entity / Dubai Courts if available

Not Applicable

Seller Fees:
1% fee for Supervising the auction up to a maximum of AED 30,000
2% of the sale value for registering the sale
Knowledge and innovation fees

Buyer Fees:
2% of the sale value for registering the sale
Fee for issuing a title deed
In case of issuing a land map AED 100
In case of issuing a unit map AED 250
• 10 Knowledge Dirham for each fee
• 10 Innovation Dirham for each fee

Via the system
Step 1: Register and create an account (if the customer is not already registered) or login and choose the type of user
Step 2: choose the service, fill in the data, and attach any required documents
Step 3: Pay the fees
Step 4: The customer receives the output electronically

Via email
Step 1: The required documents are sent via email emart@dubailand.gov.ae
Step 2: The real estate data is entered and the sale procedure is recorded in the system by the employee and is verified by the auditor
Step 3: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt for payment
Step 4: The customer (the licensed auctions company) is provided with a certificate of ownership and receipts via e-mail

Dubai Land Department's fees are paid by the licensed auction company by depositing the cheque in DLD's account.

Dubai Land Department's website
email: emart@dubailand.gov.ae

Title Deed

25 – 30 minutes