Real estate survey application

This service allows a customer to apply for a real estate survey to show the actual area and details of the property.


Surveying land, building, villa, unit, island, common areas application
Surveying a business center application
1- The architectural plan approved by the planning authorities for the internal divisions

Providing access to the site when visiting

AED 500 for a field survey of the land
AED 600 for surveying a villa / real estate unit
AED 5000 for surveying common areas of a land
AED 3000 for surveying a building
AED 5000 for surveying common parts (Component Plan) value
AED 3000 for surveying an island
AED 2000 for surveying a business center
AED 10 knowledge fee
AED 10 innovation fee

Step I:The owner application
Step II:Reviewing the application by the Survey Department and ensuring that the requirements are fulfilled
Step III:Setting an appointment with the customer to visit the site
Step IV:Visiting the site and taking measurements
Step V:Preparing survey data and charts
Step VI:Issuing the final report

Credit card

• Land Department - main headquarter
• The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood)

Real estate survey report

3 business days


• UAE Citizen
• Residents
• Tourist