Request for Project Sub-division


This service allows the developer to submit a request to divide the project due to the presence of several buildings / stages of the project through which it is difficult to follow the progress of construction or disbursement on the project stages

Service Form

1- A project division model
2- A project division requirements form
3- Project registration requirements
4- Project registration form
5- Sample advertisement
6- Undertaking form

Required Documents

1- Submitting a request to divide the project, stating the reasons
Fill out a project division form
Fill out a project division requirements form
2- No objection from the main developer of the project with the new division of each part / stage
3- Submit all project registration requirements according to the division
4- The original previous approval - a real estate project approval certificate
5- List of registration requirements
6- (A letter from the project consultant clarifying the description of the two projects after the separation (the start date and the end date of the project - the percentage of completion of each phase)
7- A copy of the notice to inform the investors
8- A list of the names of the investors attached to a copy of the notice to inform the investors of the change

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

AED 150,000 (for each new phase) Fees to register the project after sub-divison
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Service Procedures

Step 1: A formal request must be submitted with a request to separate the project from the developer in order to provide the requirements according to the approved form
Step 2: Receive the application and check the documents submitted for the separation of the project.
Step 3: directing the developer to register the new project (to be separated from the main project) in the TAS Developers Self-Registration System. After making sure that the application is submitted on the system, the Information Technology Department is addressed to allow the developer to register a new project on the same lands of the previous project.
Step 4: Addressing the IT department to amend land restrictions
Step 5: Amending the project data in the Tabu system and issuing an amendment to the approval certificate for the project after separation after fulfilling all the requirements.
Step 6: Issuing an approval certificate for the new project and adding a note: This project has been registered after its dismissal from the main registered and approved project.
Step 7: preparing a correction for the main project, updating the project data in the list (change - transfer - project separation) in the shared file

Payment Method

Manager Cheque

Service Channels

Dubai Land Department – Main Office

Issued Documents

Certificate of Real Estate Project Approval

Service Time

Developers Registration: 30 minutes
Survey: 7 days

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