Request for Sub-division

This service allows a developer to submit an application to divide a project, due to the presence of several buildings/phases of the project, through which it is difficult to follow up the progress of construction or disbursement over the project phases.

1- An undertaking form to assume obligations
2- Notice form

1- An official application indicating the phases of division and warranties for each phase
2- A no objection letter (NOC) from the main developer of the project regarding the new division of each part / phase
3- A letter from the project consultant indicating the description of the two projects after devision (the start and expiry dates of the project - the percentage of completion of each phase)
4- A copy of the notice addressing the investors

1- The scale of the project must be a mega-project and contain multiple classes (villas / villa complexes / buildings)
2- Project registration procedures must be completed and an escrow account must be available for each phase
3- The date of the last notice of the division of a project, as 15 days will be elapsed allowing it to submit an application

AED 150,000 (for each new phase), project registration fee after division
AED 10 knowledge fee
AED 10 innovation fee

Step I: applying via the system indicating the number of phases to be divided
Step II: Uploading the required documents via the system
Step II: Auditing, acceptance or rejection of the application
Step III: Accepting the application and allowing a developer to upload the units through a survey company approved by the Department
Step IV: A developer submits an application to the Registrar to open the account and fill in the account details
Step V: Payment of the registration fee
Step VI: The certificate will be received via the on-line system

Noqodi Wallet

The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood) Trust account system

Real estate project approval certificate (e-certificate )

Project registration 30 minutes
Survey department 7 business days

• Dubai Police
• General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs