Request for Issuing a Real Estate Activity Practice Card

This service allows customers to apply to obtain a card for the following real estate professions:
Real Estate Broker
National Broker
Marketing Real Estate Projects card
Mortgage Broker
Registration Trustee
Self- owned Property Management
Real Estate Management Supervision
Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy
Buying and Selling of Self- owned Property card
Real Estate Services Trustee
Trainee Valuator

Not Applicable

1- Personal photo.
2- Copy of a valid passport with the dossier for UAE nationals
3- Copy of the Emirates ID
4- Residence permits for non-UAE nationals, and the permit must be the same as on the real estate license.
5- Experience certificate in the field of real estate valuation of two years for UAE nationals and five years for non-UAE nationals.

The applicant must have a certificate of good conduct issued by Dubai Police

Note (The validity of the card shall be the same as the commercial licence)

No person shall have the right to exercise the activity registered in the licence unless after registration and obtaining the card specified for the type of activity.

To request a real estate valuator card and trainee valuator card, the residence permit should be on the same licence.
To request a trainee valuator card, the valuator must be trained in any of the offices licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency for a year.

Broker card: AED 500
National broker card: AED 500
Real Estate Consultancy card: AED 500
Mortgage broker card: AED 500
Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy: AED 500
Self- owned Property Management card: AED 500
Buying and Selling of Self- owned Property card: AED 500
Registration trustee card: AED 500
Service trustee card: AED 500
Trainee valuator card: AED 500
Real estate valuator card: AED 5,000
AED 10 Knowledge Fee
AED 10 Innovation Fee

Through the electronic system:
Step 1: Register and create an account in the Trakheesi system (if the customer does not have a pre-existing account) or log in to the system and choose the service
Step 2: Fill in the data, attach the required documents, and send the application electronically
Step 3: The request is verified, an approval is issued, and a notification of approval will be sent through the system
Step 4: Enter the system, select a payment method, and pay the fees electronically
Step 5: The print card feature will be available

Debit or credit cards

Dubai Land Department's website (Trakheesi System)

Electronic Card

5 minutes