Request for Detailed Property Certificate

This service allows applying for issuing a detailed property certificate (only one property) and include (owner data, property data, mortgage, reservation, suspension and Project data).

Not Applicable

Via Application and Website None

Via Service Centre (Real Estate Services Trustee centres)

1-Original Emirates ID Card

1- Corporate business license
2- An official letter from the company

Not Applicable

Through Real Estate Services Trustee Centres
120 AED
Including 50 AED Service Partners fees + VAT on Service Partners fees

Through Dubai REST App & Dubai Land Department's website
70 AED

Via the Service Centre:
Step 1: The customer visits one of the real estate service trustee centres or the main office
Step 2: The customer submits their Emirates ID to the employee
Step 3: The transaction data is entered into the system by the employee and is verified and approved
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt of payment electronically
Step 5: The customer receives the certificate via the registered email


Via Dubai REST App & Website
Step 1: Register and create an account (if the customer is not already registered) or login and choose the type of user
Step 2: Choose the service and fill in the data
Step 3: Choose a payment method and pay the fees
Step 4: The customer receives the output electronically

Debit or Credit Card

Real Estate Services Trustee Centres (For Individuals and Companies)
Dubai REST App (For Individuals)
Dubai Land Department's website (For Individuals)

1. Electronically approved property certificate
2. Electronic receipt document

10 minutes