Contract cancellation application

This service allows a customer to apply for the cancllation of a contract (such as a sale contract, mortgage contract, lease to own ) based on a resolution issued by Dubai courts.


1- A letter from Dubai Courts


AED 1000 fee for cancel of a contract
AED 250 fee for issuance of a title deed
AED 10 knowledge fee for each drawing
AED 10 innovation fee for each drawing

Via a service center
Step I: A customer will move to the Customer Happiness Center at the Land Department - the main building
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents to an employee, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction details will be entered into the system by an employee and shall be audited and approved
Step IV: A customer pays the fees and obtains a payment e-receipt
Step V: Receiving service outputs on-line

Credit card

Land Department - main headquarter

• Approved e-Certificate of Title / Title deed
• Approved e-receipt voucher

15 minutes

Dubai Courts