Tenancy contract cancellation application

This service allows a customer to cancel an expired or canceled tenancy contract for the real estate rented in the Emirate of Dubai.


Via application

Via a Real Estate Services Trustee Office
1- The original standard tenancy contract shall not becancel unless the contract is still valid, then producing the contract is required
2- Show the applicant’s UAE ID card
3- Show the official power of attorney, if the applicant is the attorney. If the official power of attorney is issued from the Emirate of Dubai, the power of attorney number can be entered without attaching it, but if the power of attorney is issued from another emirate, it must be attached

Via the Ejari system for real estate companies, owners, and their representatives who have the authority to use the system

In case of registration via Real Estate Services Trustee
1)The property must not be managed by a real estate company or the owner who has the authority to use the Ejari system
2)To be a lessee (tenant) of the property or their representative as per an official power of attorney
3)The owner must own or represent the property as per an official power of attorney
In case of registration via applications:
1)The lessee (tenant) must be an individual and the owner an individual, and the owner's details must be updated
In case of registration via the system
The companies
1)The company must be licensed for one of the real estate management activities according to the regulations
The owners (individuals) in person capacity
1)The owner must be the owner of the property and manage their own properties
The owners representatives (Individuals)
As per a legal power of attorney that allows the representative to manage the real estates

In case of cancellation via the application and the system
The service is free

In case of the cancellation via the service Traustee centers
AED 40 for service partners fees + VAT for service partners fees

Via a service Trustee center
Step I: A customer will move to a service center - Real Estate Services Trustee Centers
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction details will be entered into the system by an employee and shall be audited and approved
Step IV: A customer will pay the fees and receive a payment receipt via e-mail
Step V:The contract registration certificate and the lease contract are delivered to the customer

Via the on-line system or application
Step I: Signing up and creating an account on Ejari system / Dubai REST App (if the customer signs up for the first time) or logging in the system or application and selecting the service
Step II: Filling in the details, attaching the required documents
Step III: Sending the application online
Step IV: Receiving and reviewing the application by a competent employee
Step V: An email will be sent if the application is approved

1) Noqodi
2) Cash
3) Credit card

1) Dubai REST app
2) Dubai Now app
3)Land Department website (Ejari system)
4) Real Estate ServicesTrustee Centers


Via Real EstateTrustee Services
4 business hours (the system is transformed into an interactive one by communicating with IRIS which electronically read the data to reduce the completion and review time)
Via the Dubai REST App
Immediate to the owners

Real estate management companies