Cancellation of a real estate professional practice card application

This service allows applying to cancel the card at the DLD’s records for the following real estate activities:
• Real estate cancel
• National broker
• Real estate projects marketing card
• Mortgage broker
• Real estate registrar
• Private Real estate management
• Real estate management
• Real estate consultant
• Mortgage consultant
• Private real estate sale and purchase card
• Real estate services registrar
• Real estate evaluator
• Trainee evaluator


Applying to cancellation the card through the Trakheesi system

For cancel of an expatriate card application:
1- A copy of the employment visa cancellation shall be submitted and a card cancellation application is submitted via Trakheesi system

Application for cancellation of a real estate broker card, national broker, real estate project marketing card, mortgage broker, real estate registrar, private real estate management, real estate management, real estate consultant, real estate mortgage consultant, private real estate sale and purchase card, real estate services registrar, real estate evaluator, and trainee evaluator. The residency permit must be canceled or the residency profession to be changed for expatriates

Free service

via the on-line system
Step I: Log in to Licensing System (Trakheesi) and select the service
Step II: Filling in the details, attaching the required documents, if any, and sending the application on-line
Step III: Auditing the application
Step IV: Receiving a notice of card revocation via e-mail


Land Department website (Trakheesi system)


2 minutes