Approval of service fees and utilization fees application

This service allows applying for the approval of service fees and utilization fees for joint ownership properties through the online Mollak System.


1- Attaching a detailed statement of the annual budget for the service allowance of the project
2- Attaching the proposals and evaluating tenders of not less than 3 tenders for each service provider, according to the terms and conditions of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
3- Attaching copies of service contracts, maintenance, management, insurance, consumption bills for water, electricity, central air conditioning, and main complex fees.
4- A copy of the external financial audit report from a financial auditor accredited by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

The companies providing services in joint ownership properties must be licensed in the Emirate of Dubai

Free service

Via the online system
Step I: Signing up and creating an account on Mollak system (if the customer signs up for the first time) or log in and selecting the service
Step II: Filling in the details, attaching the required documents, and sending the application on-line
Step III: Auditing the application and sending a notice of acceptance or rejection of the application via the system
Step IV: Receiving a notice of approval via e-mail
Step V: Displaying data on the Land Department's website (Mollak system)


Land Department website (Mollak system)

Viewing the data through the on-line Mollak System and the Department's website

25 minutes