Separation or annexing a property application

This service allows the owner to apply for (separation / annexation) of a registered property, and it includes:
the land plots and real estate units.


1- Real estate maps after annexation or separation from the planning authorities


Through the Dubai REST smart application / the department's website
AED 500 fee for application
AED 250 fee for issuing the title deed
AED 100 of a land plot map for the lands outside jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality
AED 225 for a land map for the unified map with Dubai Municipality
AED 10 knowledge fee for each drawing
AED 10 innovation fee for each drawing
Through real estate services trustees centers
500 AED application fee
10 AED knowledge fee for each drawing
10 AED innovation fee for each drawing
In addition to that, Service partners fees: 80 AED
+ VAT for the service partners fees

Via Oqood portal - For a developer
Step I: Application submission
Step II: Reviewing the application and ensuring that the conditions and requirements are met by an employee and approving the application
Step III: Paying service fees by the customer
Step IV: Receiving the map via the system
Via Dubai REST App or the website of the Land Department
Step I: Signing up and creating an account (if the customer signs up for the first time) or log in and selecting the user type
Step II: Selecting the service, filling in the details, and attaching the requirements
Step III: Selecting the payment method and paying the fees
Step IV: Receiving the map by electronically (On-line ).
Via service centers
Step I: A customer will move to a service center - Real Estate Services Registrars Centers
Step II: A customer will submit the required documents to an employee, to ensure that no documents are missing.
Step III: The transaction details will be entered into the system by an employee and shall be audited
Step IV: A customer pays the fees
Step V: Receiving the map via e-mail

Credit card

• The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood)
• Real Estate Services Registrars Centers
• The website of the Land Department
• Dubai REST App

• e-Certificate of Title / Title deed
• e-map

One business day

• Banks
• Dubai municipality
• Dubai courts
• Endowments (Waqif)
• licensing authorities

• UAE Citizen
• Residents
• Tourist