Request for a Map

This service allows the owner to apply for the issuance of a map for the registered property, and includes:
Land map
Unit map
Villa map
Building map
A map of the common areas and their facilities
Map of parking lots and additional storages.

Service Form

Not Applicable

Required Documents

1- A letter from the owner (if not personally present) or from the company in the case of a representative
2- Original Emirates ID Card

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

AED 100 Land Map Fees for lands that are not subject to the authority of Dubai Municipality
AED 325 Land Map Fees for the unified map with Dubai Municipality
AED 250 apartment map
AED 3,000 common areas map
AED 250 villa map
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Service Procedures

Step 1: The owner submits the request
Step 2: The application is received and reviewed
Step 3: Issuing the map
Step 4: The map is sent to the customer

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Payment Method

Debit or Credit Card

Service Channels

Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal
Dubai REST App
Dubai Land Department's website

Issued Documents


Service Time

1 working day