Issuing map application

This service allows an owner to apply for a map of the registered property including
• Land map
• Real estate unit map
• Real estate villa map
• Building map
• Map of common areas and their facilities
• Map for additional parking lots and stores.


1- A letter from the owner if it is not present in person, or from a company in the case of their representative
2 - UAE ID


AED 100 fee for a land plot map for the lands outside jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality
AED 225 fee for a land map for the unified map with Dubai Municipality
AED 250 for an apartment map
AED 3,000 for common spaces
AED 250 for a villa map
AED 10 knowledge fee for each drawing
AED 10 innovation fee for each drawing

Step I:Applying by the owner
Step II:Receipt and reviewing of the application
Step III:Issuance of the map
Step IV:Sending the map to the customer

Credit card

• The Land Department's website (Real Estate Developers Portal - Oqood)
• Dubai REST App
• The website of the Land Department


Business day


• UAE Citizen
• Residents
• Tourist