Request a Real Estate License

This service allows applying for a license to practice real estate activities of the following types:
1- Real Estate Mortgage Consultancy
2- Real Estate Consultancy
3- Real Estate Development
4 - Real Estate buying & selling Brokerage
5- Real Estate Leasing Brokerage
6- Real Estate Registration Trustee
7- Real Estate Services Trustee
8- Real Estate Promotion Trustee
9- Real Estate Public Auction Organising
10- Real Estate Exhibition Organising
11- Jointly Owned Property Management Services
12- Real Estate Management Supervision Services
13- Real Estate Valuation Profession licensing
14- Property Inspection services
15- Real Estate Survey Services
16- Self- owned Property Leasing and Management Services
17- Leasing and Management of Other People's Property
18- Buying and selling of real estate
19- Real Estate Service Centre
20- Real Estate Representative Office
21- Mortgage broker

Not Applicable

Only for licences of freehold areas, a no-objection letter from the licensing authorities must be attached.

For real estate development licences, organising real estate exhibitions, buying and selling lands and properties, real estate representation offices, and leasing and managing private real estate services.

1- Submitting a licence application through Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism.
2- Registering in the Trakheesi system through Dubai Land Department's website www.dubailand.gov.ae
3- Applying for a professional practice card for a real estate activity must be done immediately after the application for a real estate licence to be submitted and approved.

For free-zone licences, a no-objection letter must be obtained from the licensing authorities.

For real estate development licences:

The title deed of the land to be developed must be provided and the title deed must be in the name of the licence holder or one of the partners. The title deed data is verified electronically through the system.

To market the project, an official permit must be obtained from the Trakheesi system.

Regarding licences for real estate registration trustees, real estate service trustees, real estate promotion trustees, and real estate service centres:
An agreement must be signed between Dubai Land Department and the licence holder.

Regarding licences for administrative supervision services for jointly owned property management companies:
The licence and the employees involved in practicing the activity must be registered with the real estate relations regulatory department (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and must obtain registration cards before practicing the activity.

Regarding licenses for renting and managing private real estate services:
A copy of the property ownership and the ownership must be in the name of the licence holder or one of the partners.
Second-degree associates may manage an owner's real estate according to Local Ordinance No. 2/2003.

Regarding licences for leasing and property management services for third parties:
A Bank guarantee of AED 5 million must be provided.
In the case of opening a branch for the licence, the trade name of the branch must be identical to the parent licence, and the number of employees should not be less than 20 administrative employees.

AED 5,000 per year to be paid separately for each activity
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee


1- Real estate mortgage consultancy
2- Real estate consultancy
3- Real estate buying & selling brokerage
4- Real estate leasing brokerage
5- Real estate public auction organising
6- Real estate management supervision services
7- Real estate survey services
8- Self- owned property leasing and management services
9- Buying and selling real estate
10- Real estate services trustee
11- Real estate representative office
12- Mortgage broker
13- Real estate promotion trustee
14- Property inspection services
15- Real estate service centre

AED 10,000 per year to be paid separately for each activity
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee
For each of the following activities:

1- Real estate exhibition organising
2- Owner association management services
3- Real estate valuation profession licensing

AED 15,000 per year
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee
for the leasing and management of other people's property

AED 25,000 per year
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee
For Real estate development

AED 100,000 per year
AED 10 Knowledge fee
AED 10 Innovation fee
For real estate registration trustees

Through the electronic system:
Step 1: Register and create an account in the Trakheesi system (if the customer does not have a pre-existing account) or log in to the system and choose the service
Step 2: Fill in the data, attach the required documents, and send the application electronically
Step 3: The request is verified, an approval is issued, and a notification of approval will be sent through the system
Step 4: Enter the system, select a payment method, and pay the fees electronically
Step 5: A notification of registration is received and an electronic no-objection letter is received only for the free zone licenses.

Debit or credit cards

Dubai Land Department's website (Trakheesi System)

Only a no-objection letter for the free zone activity license

5 minutes