Grant property mortgage

This service allows a property mortgage registration in favor of the financing party in order to guarantee the rights entailed on the property, for both a first or second degree mortgage.

Mortgage e-form

By e-mortgage
1- Municipality map
2- A letter from the mortgagee bank
3- Three mortgage contracts certified by the mortgagee bank and signed by both parties
4- The UAE ID of the owner
5- A new building permit / amendment works issued by Dubai Municipality and the date of its printing does not exceed a one year period
6- The tripartite parties contract between the owner, the consultant and the contractor signed and sealed by the consultant and the contractor

The value of the mortgage must not exceed the total value of the building

In the event that a property is not financed by the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment, 0.25% of the mortgage value is charged

Via on-line mortgage system (banks)
Step I: A customer prepares the mortgage requirements from the bank
Step II: A bank employee enters all the required documents via the on-line mortgage system, as the transaction will be audited by the bank auditor (all required documents are uploaded via the digital safe/ treasury)
Step III: The transaction is sent to the department for auditing and the department's fees shall be deducted from the bank account
Step IV: The outputs are delivered to the customer via e-mail


Land Department website (on-line mortgage system)

Payment receipts

15 - 20 minutes

The developer

UAE citizen