Fee Payment Receipt

You can request fees payment receipt for one of your old procedures like sale, mortgage, map issue,…etc

Not Applicable

Not Applicable

From owned property procedure receipts, Owner must have verified email address.

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Through the Dubai REST application:

Option 1: Public service
Step 1: Go to 'Services' menu.
Step 2: Search and select 'Fees Payment Receipt' option.
Step 3: Enter all valid information and press 'Send Receipt'.
Receipt will be sent to mentioned email address.

Option 2: From owned property
Step 1: Select property from 'Dashboard' and proceed to details of property.
Step 2: Select 'Property procedures, receipts and documents' option.
Step 3: 'Fees Payment Receipt' option will be available against each procedure.
Receipt will be sent to owner profile verified email address.

Not Applicable

Dubai REST App
Dubai Land Department website

Procedure's receipt via email