Request for Withdrawal of a Project's Profits
This service allows real estate developers to apply for withdrawing the project's profits from their respective escrow accounts.

The service is provided by the Real Estate Trust Account Section at the Real Estate Trust Account Development Department

Attach written request to withdraw project profits

The customer shall access the Oqood Portal and choose Trust Account System and apply for Request for withdrawal of the project's profits

5 Working Days


Oqood Portal- Real Estate Developers Portal

  1. Payment of any fees due to Dubai Land Department or RERA
  2. Ensure that there is an amount equal to (5%) of the net collections in the project completion Escrow account. This amount is not released until one year from the date of the project completion
  3. 100% completion of the project
After one year of the project completion date, the amount available in the project completion Escrow account will be transferred to the developer after establishing the owners' association for the project