Request for Registration of Finance Lease Contract

This service allows customers to apply to register a finance lease contract with the bank.

1- Original title deed
2- Letter from the financer on the registration of the finance lease, stating the start and end date and the lease amount
3- Emirates ID card of the owner / valid passport copy for Non-residents
Sole Proprietorship
1- Copy of the Commercial License
2 - Copy of Emirates ID Card or valid passport copy for Non-residents
3- Power of Attorney if appointing someone on their behalf

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
1- Trade license + Page of partners and equities (original and copy)
2- Certificate of Incumbency
3- Establishment contract (appendices if any) (original and certified copy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated in Arabic)
4- A legal agency in the event of a representative, or a legally certified board of directors decision.

Via the service center
Step 1: The customer goes to one of the Real Estate Registration Trustee offices
Step 2: the customer submits the required documents to the employee and makes sure that they are complete
Step 3: the transaction data is entered into the system by the employee and is verified
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt for payment
Step 5: the output is delivered to the customer

Step: send documents by e-mail to the registration trustee office
Step 2: review the request and ensure that the documents are complete
Step 3: the transaction data is entered into the system and a recorded video call is made to confirm the service and verify the parties
Step 4: The payment link is sent by the employee
Step Five: The outputs are checked and sent to the customer.

30-35 Minutes

0.25% of the finance value
AED 250 title deed issuance fee
AED 100 land map issuance fees (AED 250 if a villa and apartment)

AED 10 Knowledge fees added to each fee
AED 10 Innovation fees added to each fee

Real Estate Registration Trustees offices (oustide)