Residential Sales Price Index - Sep 2022

September 2022 had an outstanding performance supporting the upwards trends of the sales transactions in Dubai in 2022, the registered transactions of September reached 8,649 transactions worth AED 24.417 billion. the market in September witnessed about a 52 percent increase in terms of volume and 51.66 percent in terms of value year-on-year, to be the highest performance for the month of September over the last 12 years.

The market witnessed the highest record of the off-plan transactions in terms of volume and value, the total registered sales for the off-plan properties reached 4,439 transactions worth AED 9.755 billion, which represented 51.32 percent of the total sales transactions in terms of volume, and 39.95 percent in terms of value. Furthermore, the off-plan market witnessed an outstanding increase in terms of volume and value which rose by 80.23 percent and 94.13 percent respectively.

In September, the existing market reached 4,210 transactions worth AED 14.662 billion. The existing sales witnessed an increase of 30.46 percent in terms of volume and 32.49 percent in terms of value Month-on-Month.

The year to date, the real estate sector recorded a new high crossing the market peak in 2013 by recording 68,424 transactions worth AED 184.231 billion compared to 60,370 transactions worth AED 129.737 billion in 2021.

With regards to the apartments, the total sales transactions represented around 83.94 percent, whereas the villas/townhouses represented around 16.06 percent according to Property Finder’s proprietary data.

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