Residential Sales Price Index - May 2022

June 2022 had the highest total sales transactions volume since October 2013, making it the highest monthly volume of property sales transactions in nine years. June 2022 had 8,897 transactions worth AED 22.75 billion, about 33.97 percent increase compared to May 2022 in terms of volume and a 24.78 percent increase in terms of value.

June transactions witnessed the highest performance Month on month, volume and value of transactions broke through the June 2021 peak by 42.47 percent increase in terms of volume and 55.30 percent in terms of value.

High sales transaction volumes in April, May, and June of 6,966 - 6,641 and 8,897 respectively made for an outstanding Q2, which had the highest quarterly volume of sales transactions for the last decade. Q2 2022 had a total of 22,504 transactions worth AED 59.154 billion, 9.61 percent
more than Q1 2022 in terms of volume and 6.77 percent more in terms of value.

This brings the year to date total to 43,035 transactions worth AED 114.556 billion. To put this into perspective, all of 2021 had a total number of 60,573 sales transactions worth AED 149.951 billion.

In June 2022, 60.05 percent of all transactions were for secondary/ready properties and 39.95 percent were for offplan properties.

When we look at the volume of transactions, the off-plan market transacted 3,554 properties worth a total of AED 7.057 billion and the secondary market transacted 5,343 properties worth AED 15.692 billion. Comparing this to May 2022, the number of off-plan transactions in June increased by 28.96 percent, and the secondary/ready property transactions increased by 37.53 percent.

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