Residential Rental Performance Index - January 2022

For the first time ever‭, ‬the Dubai Residential rental performance Index has been released in partnership between Dubai Land Department and Property Finder‭. ‬Within this insightful data‭, ‬there is a plethora of information that is quite notable‭. ‬In 2021‭, ‬564‭,‬036‭ ‬leases throughout the year broke a 12-year record in terms of volume for real estate rental contracts‭.‬

Annual leases increased by 50.3‭ ‬percent and non-annual leases increased by 75.5‭ ‬percent in 2021‭ ‬compared to 2020‭.‬

When comparing the data over the last few years‭, ‬it is interesting to note that‭, ‬on average‭, ‬the annual number of leases have increased by approximately 7‭ ‬percent over the past 5‭ ‬years but in 2021‭ ‬it increased by 56‭ ‬percent compared to 2020‭. ‬However, in 2020‭, ‬annual leases grow by 2.0‭ ‬percent compared to 2019‭ ‬and non-annual leases increased by 115.2‭ ‬percent‭. ‬Data beats opinion and there are a lot of facts to uncover and release into the market for full transparency‭. ‬

In January 2022‭, ‬we saw over 51,000‭ ‬rental contracts in the Dubai real estate market with an even split between new and renewal‭ ‬contracts‭.  ‬As per Property Finder data the most popular apartments rental contracts were for 2‭ ‬bedroom apartments with 1‭ ‬bedroom trailing right behind and the most popular villa/townhouse rental contracts were for 3‭ ‬bedrooms with 4‭ ‬bedrooms coming in second place‭.‬


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