Request for Replacement for Lost/ Damaged Title Deed
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This service allows owners of a land or other properties to apply for a replacement for a damaged/ lost Title Deed. The new Title Deed is issued after publishing an announcement in newspaper and the lapse of the time period prescribed by the law for submitting objections.

Service Form

Request for Replacement Title Deed

Required Documents

1- Request for Replacement Title Deed signed by the owner or the
authorized representative.
2- The owner's Emirates ID Card, or Power of Attorney in case the owner does not attend in person.
3- Copies of Valid Passports for of all co-owners (non residents)
4- Copy of the Succession Certificate, in case of death of the owner.

Service Terms

Not Applicable

Service Fees

 AED 1,000 as fees for the announcement of the loss of the Title Deed, and issuing a new one
AED 10 Knowledge Fees for each fee
AED 10 Innovation Fees for each fee

Service Procedures

Via the Service Centre:
Step 1: The customer visits one of the real estate service trustee centres
Step 2: the customer submits the required documents to the employee and makes sure that they are complete
Step 3: the transaction data is entered into the system by the front row employee
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt of payment
Step 5: The Customer Receive a link via email containing the title deed and map

Via Dubai REST App & Website
Step 1: Register and create an account (if the customer is not already registered) or login through the application and choose the type of user
Step 2: choose the service, fill in the data, and attach all the required documents
Step 3: choose a payment method and pay the fees
Step 4: The transaction is verified and completed
Step 5: The customer receives the output electronically

Proceed to Service

Payment Method

Debit or Credit Card

Service Channels

Real Estate Services Trustee centres
Dubai REST App
Dubai Land Department Website

Issued Documents

Title Deed

Service Time

25 minutes

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