Applying for approval to change the bank account of the joint ownership property

This service allows applying for approval to change the data of the private bank account of the joint property


1- Approval by the Owners Association to change the number of the escrow bank account of the joint ownership property
2- A copy of the letter of the owners of real estate units in the joint property wishing to open a new account number with the (current bank) of the property and providing them with information on the last date for receiving payments and amounts to the old account and their details.
3- no objection e-letter from the old escrow Account Trustee via the system

1- The old escrow account will not be closed until obtaining approval from RERA
2- The Account Trustee shall transfer the available balance of the old account to the new bank account in addition to all documents and records related to the account (for example: The approved budget, the amounts spent, etc.).
3- The Account Trustee shall provide the new bank account data through the Mollak system

Free service

Via the online system
Step I: Signing up and creating an account on Mollak system (if the customer signs up for the first time) or log in and selecting the service
Step II: Filling in the details, attaching the required documents, and sending the application on-line
Step III: Auditing the application and sending a notice of acceptance or rejection of the application via the system
Step IV: Receiving a notice of approval via e-mail
Step V: Viewing the data on the Land Department's website (Mollak system)


Land Department website (Mollak system)

Viewing the data through the on-line Mollak System

Business day