Judgment Interpretation Lawsuit
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This service enables customers to request interpretation of a judgment.

Service Form

No Form

Required Documents

1. A copy of the First Instance or Appeal Judgment
2. Judgment interpretation plaint detailing the reasons.

Service Terms

 All documents must be submitted in or translated legally into Arabic.

Service Fees

AED 100: Process Service
AED 105: Fast Track Notification
AED 25: Registration of Power of Attorney (if applicable)
AED 10: Knowledge fee
AED 10: Innovation fee

Service Procedures

Through Real Estate Services Trustees
Step 1: The customer visits one of the service centres (Real Estate Services Trustees)
Step 2: The customer provides the required documents to the staff to ensures their compliance
Step 3: The RDC staff enters the transaction data into the system, verifies and approves
Step 4: The customer deposits the fee with the bank, submits the receipt to one of the service centres to be sent to the e-mail given by the employee of the concerned authority.
Step 5: Attend the hearing through the tele-litigation system
Step 6: Receive the Judgment by the email

Via the approved email
Step 1: Sign up for an account (if you are not registered before), enter the RDC system and choose the service
Step 2: Upload documents
Step 3: Deposit the fee with the bank and send the receipt to the given email
Step 4: Attend the hearing through the tele-litigation system
Step 5: Receive the Judgment by the email

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Payment Method

Fee to be deposited with bank

Service Channels


Real Estate Services Trustees Centers

Issued Documents

Judgment of Interpretation

Service Time

Duration to complete registration: 10 minutes
Service duration: 8 business days

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